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Tomatin Cask Strength

Nice 'n' spicy!

12 December 2022







Bourbon cask, Sherry cask

Single Malt Whisky


No age statement




average rating is 4.4 out of 5

Flavour profile

Spicy, Light, Woody

Maple syrup, Oak, Fruit, Caramel, Vanilla, Salt, Sweet, Mince pies

Tasting notes

A wee drams review

A fantastic award-winning cask strength dram for an affordable price. Light, sweet, and fruity notes on the nose, followed by a spicy, salty, caramel hit on the palate, topped off with lingering notes of oak, syrup and vanilla on the finish. This dram is smooth enough to drink neat (we reckon!) but if you're not in the mood, a touch of water opens it up even more. If you're chasing a strong, spicy dram, look no further! Cracking work by Tomatin!

About the distillery

The Tomatin Distillery was established in 1897 and was better known as Tomatin Spey Distillery Co. Ltd. The distillery went bankrupt in 1906 but it was then reopened in 1909. It managed to produce whisky till 1986 before being bought over by a Japanese company Takara Shuzo and at this time it was renamed Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd. This distillery is a massive operation producing around 2 and a half million litres of spirit each year, but it has the capacity to produce 5 million litres.


Most of the whisky produced at Tomatin goes into blended whisky which consist of their own brands named Antiquary and Talisman. This distillery though wants to be known for its single malt whisky, and have stepped up their game in this area.

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