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Cask Projects

Take a glimpse into some our current (delicious) cask projects below. For further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us.


PX Sherry Cask

Our first premium, Ex Sherry PX Cask - who doesn't love a sherry bomb? This Tasmanian drop is maturing in our largest cask yet, and will deliver many, many great bottles of Sherry goodness! Note of spices, toffee, butter, orange peel & fruit cake.


Tawny Port Cask

A first fill Australian Tawny Port Cask. This Tasmanian drop delivers an 'out of this world'  delicious cask-strength bomb of fruits, nuts, figs, butter and toffee. 


Tawny Port Cask #2

Our 'so good we need another Port cask' cask -   filled with exceptional Tasmanian new make. This one is special to us, filled on a day to remember! Another hit of fruits, cake, butterscotch, toffee & dark chocolate.


Bourbon Cask (Organic)

Our first experimental dram - An ex 'Organic' Bourbon cask. This one caters to those with a sweet tooth! Notes of honey, vanilla, butterscotch, wood and spices. 


Bundaberg Rum Cask

An icon in its own right. Join us as we blend a fine Tassie New make with an iconic ex-Bundaberg Rum small batch cask. This project promises decadent indulgence, boasting rich caramel, toffee, and vanilla notes intertwined with tropical fruits and oak hints. Rum aficionados, register your interest today!


Oloroso Sherry Cask 

While we love a PX, we’re venturing into our first Oloroso to indulge in the richness of layers of dried fruits, roasted nuts, and dark chocolate - in the hope of creating a masterpiece of balance and complexity. This cask promises a touch of warmth!


Madeira Cask

Our Madeira cask assures the delightful embrace of honeyed sweetness, dried fruits, and subtle nuttiness, all infused into our Tasmanian whisky. Given the size and age of this cask, expect a smooth and velvety texture.


Port Cask

The allure of Portugal beckons yet again for our upcoming third port cask. Expect the luxurious aromas of red berry compote, dark chocolate, and delicate spice. 

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